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Bernie Apologizes To Hillary Clinton


In the third Democratic debate that was hosted, Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton after revealing the fact his presidential campaign members had accessed the private voter data of Hilary Clinton. This particular remark from the senator has come after it has been told a bug was found in the firewall belonging to the Democratic party’s private software that is related to the voter data. This has enabled four of Bernie’s staffers to go through the private data folders that belong to the Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

This apology was given by Bernie on stage when he was questioned about this by David Muir of ABC. He also added that this apology is not only for Clinton but also for his supporters. He stated that he does not believe in this campaign, and in case, anyone else is involved in this work is found, the person will be fired. This particular happening between the two Democratic Party contenders has changed the phase of campaigns in the last 48 hours. The response provided by Hilary on this revelation is “I appreciate this gesture and the people of America will not be interested in these actives now as there are more serious problems to face as of now so let’s move on.”

After this issue of breaching, the access of Sanders has been suspended for the party’s database. This has prompted Bernie to reach the federal court in order to sue the Democratic National Committee. Later, the access was returned to Sanders, but he is still under the scanning as the legal proceedings are still on. One of the Clinton’s staffs has stated this action as an egregious breach of data and ethics. Martin O’Malley, who is also a Democrat struggling in this poll, has added that this might be the common politics in Washington.

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Join Democrats On Gun Control States Hilary To Sanders


The Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton challenged the opponent Senator Bernie Sanders on his stand on gun control in the Democratic debate that was held recently. She stated that she is expecting Senator Bernie to join the Democrats who are interested in closing the Charleston loophole by joining as a co-sponsor or sponsor for the legislation so that the absolute immunity shall be removed in an efficient manner. An important point to be highlighted here is Bernie Sanders is the important rival of Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

This particular debate started after Martin O’Malley the former governor of Maryland talked about the gun record of both Sanders and Clinton in the debate. He accused both of them stating they have made it easy for the lone terrorists to own a weapon as they have not taken a strong stand on the gun issue. Even there are videos that state that owning an assault weapon in the gun fair is very easy using the lone wolf. This is because of the Washington’s flip flop political approach that is being handled by the two people who are on stage stated Martin O’Malley.

For this statement, both Hilary and Sanders raised their objection. In fact, the lady asked Martin O’Malley to speak the truth. Sanders defended himself stating his record of guns that represented Vermont, which is a state that has a very strong pro-guns community right. This pushed the former governor’s point. In retort, Sanders added that do not teach me about gun control as I am a person who is coming from a state where the Republican governor, as well as Democratic governor, support the virtually no gun control in the state. As a matter of fact, the gun control record of Sander has acted as Achilles heel for his campaign as he voted against the Brady’s bill.

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Hilary To Unleash Her Not So Secret Weapon Soon


A surprise factor that was staged on the third democratic debate that happened recently is the appearance of Bill Clinton to surprise his wife Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire. She was surprised and stood along with her husband stating that he will be joining the election campaigns starting from January. She also added that her not so secret weapon will be available after January, and they are planning to cover as much as ground possible in their campaign. A very important point to be mentioned here is this is the first time the former president has made a public appearance immediately after a debate. President Clinton also addressed the crowd using the mike placed there.

He stated that the right people will get elected to govern the nation at the right time and according to him it is the right time to get Hilary to get elected. In fact, she is the best-qualified person at the moment to get elected. In the first presidential run, Clinton lost in his Granite state on the first run but still he got a strong second place. He also popularly declared himself as the comeback kid. He added that he was looking forward to a comeback. Also, the citizens of New Hampshire have taught him that the person will rise or fall for the people for who you are and for the people who work for you. He also stated he is very proud of his wife for her today’s work, and the results will be soon seen in the voting.   

Trump Is Becoming ISIS’s Best Recruiter, Says Hilary


Hilary Clinton, the secretary of state, took a hard stand against the GOP front-runner Donald stating that he is one of the powerful and potent tools for ISIS. In fact, he is becoming a very good recruiter for the needs of ISIS. She also added that the radical jihadists are being recruited by showing the videos of Trump insulting Muslims and Islam in his speech. This open statement was provided by Hilary in the Democratic debate. Still, Hilary did not provide any strong proof supporting her statement. There are news agencies that have reached out to campaigns of Trump and Hilary in order to know their comment about this particular issue. She was then asked about her take on the gun control.

She used the opportunity to bash Donald stating that the wrong button is pushed in order to control the fight against ISIS. She also added that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans are worrying as Trump has sent a message to the Muslims in the world and America a clash of civilization is there i.e. some sort of war against Islam or western plot is going on. This clearly provides the fan to the radicalization flames which is clearly not advisable at any cost. She also stated that she does not believe in arming more Americans in order to rise against terrorism as this will not make the citizens feel safe. Guns are not the right solution to save people. In fact, around 33,000 people are attacked and dead because of the gun violence every year.

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