Bernie Apologizes To Hillary Clinton


In the third Democratic debate that was hosted, Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton after revealing the fact his presidential campaign members had accessed the private voter data of Hilary Clinton. This particular remark from the senator has come after it has been told a bug was found in the firewall belonging to the Democratic party’s private software that is related to the voter data. This has enabled four of Bernie’s staffers to go through the private data folders that belong to the Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

This apology was given by Bernie on stage when he was questioned about this by David Muir of ABC. He also added that this apology is not only for Clinton but also for his supporters. He stated that he does not believe in this campaign, and in case, anyone else is involved in this work is found, the person will be fired. This particular happening between the two Democratic Party contenders has changed the phase of campaigns in the last 48 hours. The response provided by Hilary on this revelation is “I appreciate this gesture and the people of America will not be interested in these actives now as there are more serious problems to face as of now so let’s move on.”

After this issue of breaching, the access of Sanders has been suspended for the party’s database. This has prompted Bernie to reach the federal court in order to sue the Democratic National Committee. Later, the access was returned to Sanders, but he is still under the scanning as the legal proceedings are still on. One of the Clinton’s staffs has stated this action as an egregious breach of data and ethics. Martin O’Malley, who is also a Democrat struggling in this poll, has added that this might be the common politics in Washington.

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