Month: August 2015

Trump Is Becoming ISIS’s Best Recruiter, Says Hilary


Hilary Clinton, the secretary of state, took a hard stand against the GOP front-runner Donald stating that he is one of the powerful and potent tools for ISIS. In fact, he is becoming a very good recruiter for the needs of ISIS. She also added that the radical jihadists are being recruited by showing the videos of Trump insulting Muslims and Islam in his speech. This open statement was provided by Hilary in the Democratic debate. Still, Hilary did not provide any strong proof supporting her statement. There are news agencies that have reached out to campaigns of Trump and Hilary in order to know their comment about this particular issue. She was then asked about her take on the gun control.

She used the opportunity to bash Donald stating that the wrong button is pushed in order to control the fight against ISIS. She also added that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans are worrying as Trump has sent a message to the Muslims in the world and America a clash of civilization is there i.e. some sort of war against Islam or western plot is going on. This clearly provides the fan to the radicalization flames which is clearly not advisable at any cost. She also stated that she does not believe in arming more Americans in order to rise against terrorism as this will not make the citizens feel safe. Guns are not the right solution to save people. In fact, around 33,000 people are attacked and dead because of the gun violence every year.

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How Exercise Makes You Feel Younger


Having a healthy and young look for a long is a real gift for anyone. One of the effective ways to keep your mind and body healthy is doing exercises. Now, most of us will ask how exercises can help us keep younger. In this brief article, we will look how the exercises work in keeping us looking better.

When doing exercise, your muscles get stretched and relaxed, thus making your body more flexible. Lack of exercise can make the muscles rigid in the long run, and therefore, reduces the body flexibility. Remember that children and young people have a flexible body and it is the sign of youngness. By doing exercises, your body remains more or relatively flexible as you age.

Doing exercises increases the blood flow, which makes the skin cells to rejuvenate quickly. Thereby, by doing exercises, your skin can glow and make you look younger. Doing exercise burns the excess fat and makes your look slim and younger. Apart from reducing body weight, your will also stay away from the disease caused due to obesity and excess fat.

Sleep is very important for anyone. Having sound sleep helps the mind and body to enjoy a great relaxation that will provide enough energy to keep active rest of the day. When you do exercises regularly, you can enjoy a sound sleep. Additionally, exercising help you keep your mood happier and increase your confidence.

It is really impossible to stop aging, but, exercising help you look younger than you are. In short, it can considerably slow down the aging process. So, you should hesitate to do the exercise.

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