Month: October 2015

Join Democrats On Gun Control States Hilary To Sanders


The Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton challenged the opponent Senator Bernie Sanders on his stand on gun control in the Democratic debate that was held recently. She stated that she is expecting Senator Bernie to join the Democrats who are interested in closing the Charleston loophole by joining as a co-sponsor or sponsor for the legislation so that the absolute immunity shall be removed in an efficient manner. An important point to be highlighted here is Bernie Sanders is the important rival of Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

This particular debate started after Martin O’Malley the former governor of Maryland talked about the gun record of both Sanders and Clinton in the debate. He accused both of them stating they have made it easy for the lone terrorists to own a weapon as they have not taken a strong stand on the gun issue. Even there are videos that state that owning an assault weapon in the gun fair is very easy using the lone wolf. This is because of the Washington’s flip flop political approach that is being handled by the two people who are on stage stated Martin O’Malley.

For this statement, both Hilary and Sanders raised their objection. In fact, the lady asked Martin O’Malley to speak the truth. Sanders defended himself stating his record of guns that represented Vermont, which is a state that has a very strong pro-guns community right. This pushed the former governor’s point. In retort, Sanders added that do not teach me about gun control as I am a person who is coming from a state where the Republican governor, as well as Democratic governor, support the virtually no gun control in the state. As a matter of fact, the gun control record of Sander has acted as Achilles heel for his campaign as he voted against the Brady’s bill.

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