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Link Between Antidepressant and Autism


Health is very important for us. In recent days, human beings are facing lots of health problems in different forms. Various researches are going to find the actual cause of the diseases. Recently, a research has found that pregnant women, who are taking an antidepressant, are more likely to give birth to a baby with autism. This was revealed by the researchers from University of Montreal after conducting a survey on 145,456. They found that children of a mother, who took an anti-depression medication during pregnancy, have developed autism.

Autism is a mental disorder that is found from the young age of children. Children with this mental condition find it difficult to communicate and understand things. They also find difficult to make a relationship with other people. According to the research, women who took an anti-depressant during second and third trimesters are at higher risk of giving birth to a baby with autism. The risk increases significantly if the women took common forms of anti-depressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

This does not mean that pregnant women should stop taking an antidepressant. They should consult a physician to find out ways for stopping the antidepressant or some alternative. This is because stopping the antidepressant without proper consultation can result in various other health risks in pregnant women such reduced blood flow and damage to tissue. Apart from taking an antidepressant, it is widely believed that taking any serious medication or drug during pregnancy can increase the chances of health risk to the baby.

Before taking or stopping any drug/medicine, it is better for the pregnant women to consult a doctor. When taking medicine due to an unavoidable situation, it is better to know the possible risks. The best way is to keep the mind and body in good condition helps the pregnant women to give birth to a hale and healthy baby.

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