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Natural Methods to Eliminate Lice from Hair

Natural Methods to Eliminate Lice from Hair

Lice. It’s enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Despite the stigma, lice are actually attracted to clean and often-washed hair, so don’t feel like it’s a hygiene issue if you or your child happens to become infested. There are ways to prevent lice, but if it’s too late and you don’t want to subject yourself or your child to chemicals to eliminate the lice, there are natural pest control remedies available.pest control

Of all the things in the grocery store you thought would kill lice, you probably never thought of mayonnaise. Yup, mayonnaise is the best natural solution to a lice infestation. Pest control experts say you need a brand new, never-opened jar of mayonnaise that is room temperature (not refrigerated). Taking handfuls of this goopy lice-killer, cover the entire head of hair, including behind the ears and down the neck a ways to ensure all the lice are affected. Cover with a shower cap to stop the mayonnaise from dripping on clothes or furniture and leave on for two hours.

Once the two hours are up, remove and dispose of the cap and wash your hands thoroughly before beginning to wash the hair. You may need to shampoo your hair several times to get all the mayonnaise out, but be sure NOT to use conditioner. Once the hair is free of gelatinous condiment, move on to another household item – vinegar. Rinse your hair and scalp with vinegar to loosen the smothered eggs and rinse with hot (but not scalding) water. This will help get most of the nits in your hair down the drain, but there still may be some left behind. Using a nit comb, eliminate the remaining stubborn nits that are still present. More about Pest Control
After this process is over, don’t be overly confident that you won’t have to go through it at least once more. Lice are stubborn and can be very crafty in avoiding measures taken to eliminate them from the head of hair they now call home. If you’re the one with lice, have someone look through your hair for you. Make sure you’re positioned under good lighting and that your hair is dry. Have your hair searched in tiny sections and especially around the ears, nape of your neck and all “hair edges.” If nits are found, they need to be picked off with fingernails or a nit comb and placed in a bowl of vinegar or hot soapy water that has ammonia added to it.exterminators

Some pest control specialists say that if there are more than a few nits left behind, a vinegar “wrap” might help reduce the rest of them. Simply saturate a towel with half vinegar and half water and wrap it around your head, leaving it on for an hour. Repeat the above steps to ensure the nits are completely gone. If you find nits in eyebrows or eyelashes, coat with Vaseline. It is important to check your head every day for the first few days. If lice are found, repeat the whole process until they are completely gone. More on this website

Homeowners Insurance Policy – A Must Have

If you are currently prospecting the real estate market for a home or already own one, a home insurance policy might be a very important thing for you to take into consideration. The lenders won’t loan you any money unless you have a homeowner insurance signed or at least in plan. Even if you buy your new home in cash, you will still need that insurance because it is the best method to protect your important investment. But a homeowner insurance does not really have to ruin you. You might consider following the next tips in order to get a cheaper insurance plan.

home insurance

Homeowners Insurance

1. Switch the Company. If you do not get what you want from your current company, just go to another one, which will offer you a much better rate for the same coverage. Switching companies might save you a lot of money.

2. Raise your deductibles. This is a good way to save on the monthly cost of homeowners insurance. You may double your deductible and then your monthly premiums will considerably go down.

3. Take advantage of every discount. Almost all companies offer a non-smoker discount because a person who does not smoke is less likely to burn his place down. If you don’t smoke, it is not only a benefit for your health, but also you will pay less on your homeowner insurance. Installing a burglar alarm is also a good idea, because you will be less likely to be robbed if you have one. The insurance company will definitely pay less for stolen goods or damaged property and thus you will get a discount. When you don’t see any kind of discount in the contract, just ask the agent about promotions and bonuses.

4. Purchase more insurance policies. If you car, your health and your house are insured at the same company, you will definitely receive a discount for your fidelity.

5. Your credit record must be spotless. The insurance costs may be certainly reduced if you have a clean credit history. The credit situation will influence the insurance cost and thus you need to pay attention at this aspect. Make sure that you check your record regularly to be certain that it remains accurate.

Other Tips for Decreasing the Cost of the Homeowner Insurance

Specialists recommend more methods of saving a significant amount of money on homeowner insurance cost. If you do well your research, you will definitely find the plan that suits your needs and that offer you all the suitable coverage at an acceptable rate. The homeowner insurance needs to be reviewed every year. Thus you will notice if you have more coverage than you need or if you need some more. If you have more than needed, you should consider reducing it and pay less. If you are in need of more coverage, buy it, because it is a solid investment in future. If you make new upgrades at your home, make sure that you renew the homeowners insurance.

Do You Need Emergency HVAC/Furnace Service

If you’re going to call an HVAC company looking for anything along the lines of duct cleaning, a remodel, a furnace installation or a heating or cooling emergency, you might want to make sure that the professional in question offers a satisfaction guarantee. There is nothing worse than having your HVAC technician leave, only to find that the job has yet to be completed. For this reason, always ask if the job is guaranteed and if it’s not, you may want to keep looking for another professional. furnace repair

Any homeowner who has ever heard this phrase from an HVAC technician during a heating or cooling emergency knows how frustrating it can be. Why can’t you just fix the problem today? Sometimes the HVAC technician might need extra parts and oftentimes those parts need to be ordered.

However, your HVAC technician should always try his/her very best to make sure you are accommodated before they go home. Realize that not every heating or cooling problem is a quick fix. Some take time, but you should feel good that your HVAC technician is doing everything within his/her power before they call it a day. Otherwise, you might have a lazy HVAC technician on your hand and that’s not who you want fixing your problem. Look for HVAC technicians who go above and beyond so that you are always pleased with their work at the end of the day.

If you have deemed that your HVAC technician is not going to fix your problem today and you’ve also deemed that the person is lazy or has any other negative attribute, you are well within your rights to tell others that fact. Sure, you can tell your friends, family members and co-workers not to hire this particular HVAC company, but online reviews might be a good way to make your voice heard.

These days, more people are turning to online reviews to help them find local products and services. Help other homeowners make a decision by letting them know which HVAC technicians don’t come through and which ones don’t guarantee your satisfaction.
On the other hand, if the HVAC company does guarantee your satisfaction and you are pleased with his/her work, you should also leave positive online reviews to let other homeowners know that this particular heating and air conditioning service is indeed the one to call.

If you have any questions or need to speak with an honest HVAC company, call our Furnace Repair today
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Complete Moving Service Rates – Local Movers

Moving includes truck, tools and all equipment

You pay a fee of $99 at the time of scheduling for each truck.

$ per man hour depends on location. Weekends are higher.

Charges are prorated in 15 minute intervals.

The clock starts when the truck arrives at the job site.

Please describe your job accurately,– special rates may apply.

Scheduling and Fees

All advance scheduling must be made in one of the following forms:

· PRIMARY–We meet at the truck lot at 8:00 A.M. Your time starts upon arrival of the truck We start our primary jobs first.

· SECONDARY–You are on stand-by and ready all day. If you require a phone call to meet us at the starting point, you must be able to start the job within 30 minutes of the call.

1. Advance scheduling requires a truck scheduling fee . Your fee is only good on the date you schedule. Your fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. It may be transferred to another day if you request to not move due to weather conditions. Your fee compensates us for work lost should you not move as scheduled. Common reasons for moving delays are: house closings, carpets, painting, floors refinished, driveway not ready for trucks, etc.

2. The truck scheduling fee may be paid by check. We accept check, cash. We no longer accept charge cards, sorry.

3. Our San Antonio Moving Service reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, without liability, if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to, rain, snow, ice, etc.

If you decide to move in bad weather, the clock will run continuously and you must pay for any delays that result from the bad weather.

Special Scheduling Charges
Scheduling crews to not start before a specific time can cause extra expense. If we choose to advance schedule this type move, then additional charges will be added and will not be refunded or transferred. · Secondary, but ‘not BEFORE a specific time’ requires an additional fee of $100 · Secondary, ‘not before a specific time which is after 3:00 p.m.’ requires an additional fee of $250 at the time of scheduling for each truck /truck-load.

Please describe your job accurately–special rates MAY apply.(See Below)

We use more than 3 men on larger jobs.

We are working for you and under your direction. You are to pay in full at the end of your move unless other arrangements have been made. No adjustment to your moving cost should be made after the fact. If you feel that your directions are not being followed or that our crew is insufficient, or you have any other dissatisfaction with our services, you must take steps to correct the situation or stop the work immediately and contact our office.

If you feel that you have been overcharged, please contact our office. Your overcharge will be refunded to you if it is in fact an overcharge and not in compliance with these guidelines.local movers

Service Area and Associated Charges

Our primary service area is San Antonio. A service charge will be added if your job starts and/or ends outside of Bexar County.

Piano and Organ Charges: We do not move Grand Pianos or thee equivalent. All other pianos and organs, we add $300 to move. We do not move any pianos up or down flights of stairs. We can recommend local piano movers who make this their specialty.

Extra Heavy Items Charges:
If the job has an item that requires special expertise, or any item over 300 pounds (excluding appliances) then $60.00 will be added. Items over 300 pounds will not be moved up or down flights of stairs. We do not move safes over 300 pounds, hot tubs, pool tables, tanning beds, and most commercial equipment.

The extra charges are not compensation for our men to do something that is unsafe. Instead, it is paying extra to have an unusually hard job performed in a professional manner using techniques that do not damage the customer’s property or injure the men.

If heavy items are to be moved about within the home or office or just loaded on or off a truck, then one half extra charge will apply.

If any job site has 13 steps (or more) upon which work is to be performed then $100.00 will be added per flight.
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