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Is A Split AC System Your Choice

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Is A Split AC System Your Choice

Split system air conditioning is the preferred choice for people buying air conditioners for the first time. This is because this is a cost-effective option when compared to central air conditioning. However, it is more expensive than a wall or window air conditioner and requires a professional for its installation. A basic split system air conditioning system comprises an internal and external unit that is linked by refrigerant pipework called conduit. It is possible to mount the internal unit on the wall or ceiling, where recessed ceiling-mounted units are called cassette-type units. The outdoor unit is mounted on the roof, wall or directly on the ground. The compressor of the split system air conditioning system is found outside the room, and this is why this air conditioner is quiet and efficient. Moreover, split system air conditioning has no ducts and doesn’t bring about any energy loss that is associated with the ductwork of central forced air systems. In fact, 30% of energy consumption is lost with ductwork of the central forced air systems; which can be more if the ducts are found in an unconditioned space like an attic. More about Ac Repair & Services Spring Branch, Tx here
It is easier to install split system air conditioning when compared to other types of air conditioning systems. Instead of needing a large hole in the wall to place the air conditioner in a split air conditioner, only a three-inch hole is required for the conduit, which is the hook-up between the indoor and outdoor units of the split system air conditioning. As these connecting conduits are available in various lengths the outdoor unit can be located even at a distance of 50 feet from the indoor unit.

It is not difficult to control a split system air conditioning unit. Hand-held remote controllers are provided with the split air conditioner, which is linked to a wall unit with a thermostat temperature control. The indoor unit of the split air conditioner has a fan that has two or three speeds that provide modulation of heat and cooling output. This split air conditioner can also be used as a heat pump that helps provide heating to the area. If required, an electric heating element too can be used to provide heating to the area. A split air conditioner is comfortable as it is possible to temper the heating and cooling in the room or home with the help of the temperature sensor found in the space of the fan-coil unit.

As the split air conditioner is free-standing and independent, there is no question of its balancing. However, it is required to have constant maintenance of the units so that they operate satisfactorily and their lifespan is maximized. It is important to keep cleaning the air filter found on the intake grille of the split air conditioner. The frequency of this cleaning depends on the quality of the surrounding environment and the frequency of the usage of the split air conditioner. However, it is not feasible to use split systems in large areas as it tends to produce great maintenance costs with its large number of moving parts where each unit has its own compressor and sealed refrigerant system.

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